Cellular Biomanufacturing Workshop

2017 Cellular Biomanufacturing Workshop

10-11 August
Salon A, Mason Global Center
4352 Mason Pond Dr, Fairfax, VA 22030

Recent advancements in cell based therapies have sparked tremendous interest within the scientific community to exploit the host immune system for treating a variety of diseases including cancer, HIV etc. However, the state-of-the-art techniques involved in immunotherapies are still in their infancy and presents a relatively unexplored area with a critical need to develop new strategies for producing effective immune cells for therapeutic purposes. Since 2013, CBET Division of the National Science Foundation’s Engineering Directorate has recognized the potential of cellular therapies and supported several projects in the field to promote technological innovations in cellular biomanufacturing. The ‘Cellular Biomanufacturing’ workshop will bring past awardees and leaders in the field together to discuss the current state as well as future trajectory of engineering and producing therapeutic cell populations.

Topics of Discussion
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Nitin Agrawal