Michelle Harris-Love, PT, PhD

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Michelle Harris-Love, PT, PhD
Associate Professor

Office:ENGR 2611
Hours:By appointment
Michelle Harris-Love, PT, PhD


Michelle Harris-Love PT, PhD is Associate Professor in the Department of Rehabilitation Science at George Mason University and directs the Mechanisms of Therapeutic Rehabilitation (MOTR) laboratory at National Rehabilitation Hospital in Washington DC. She earned a Master of Science degree in Physical Therapy from the Mayo School of Health Sciences in Rochester, MN (1997) and her PhD in Rehabilitation Science from the University of Maryland (2004), with a specialization in Neuromotor Control. She then completed a post-doctoral fellowship in Neurophysiology at NIH in the lab of Leonardo Cohen where she developed techniques for using transcranial magnetic stimulation to study neurophysiology in stroke patients with severe motor impairment. After completing her post-doc, she received an NIH K01 career development award and has since developed an active, clinically-oriented TMS lab at National Rehabilitation Hospital and mentored numerous students and fellows. Her primary research interest is in mechanisms of motor recovery after stroke and the development of non-invasive brain stimulation as a method of testing and enhancing the effects of rehabilitation interventions. Her work has been funded by numerous organizations including the National Institutes of Health, the National Institute of Disability and Rehabilitation Research, and the American Heart Association, and has been published in such journals as the Journal of Physiology, Journal of Neurophysiology, Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair, among others. Her most recent work is primarily focused on uncovering mechanisms of arm recovery after human stroke and developing novel rehabilitation interventions to improve functional reaching abilities in stroke patients with severe arm impairment.