Vasiliki Ikonomidou, PhD

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Vasiliki Ikonomidou, PhD
Assistant Professor, Bioengineering

Office:Nguyen Engineering Building, Room 3909
Hours:Tuesdays 3-4pm & Thursdays 2-3 pm; other times by appointment
Vasiliki Ikonomidou, PhD


Vasiliki N. Ikonomidou earned the Diploma in Engineering (MSc) degree and the PhD in Electrical Engineering from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, in 1997 and 2002 respectively. Her PhD thesis focused on the development of excitation techniques for magnetic resonance tagging. In May 2003 she joined the intramural program of the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) of the NIH (Bethesda, MD), as a Visiting Fellow in the Laboratory for Functional and Molecular Imaging, Advanced MRI Section, working under Dr Jeff Duyn in the development of high-contrast anatomical MRI techniques. In May 2006, she joined the Neuroimmunology Branch of NINDS, where she worked on brain imaging, using MRI and PET, in patients with Multiple Sclerosis. Since August 2009, she has been with George Mason University, where she is an Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and the MRI Physicist of the Krasnow Institute for Advanced Study. Her research interests are in the fields of technical development for MRI, development of multispectral and fusion image processing techniques, and the detection of early stages of white matter neurodegeneration. Dr. Ikonomidou has co-authored 19 papers in peer-reviewed journals, and is a member of ISMRM and IEEE.

Courses Taught

  • BENG 220-001 Physical Bases of Biomedical Systems
  • BENG 499/590-001 Medical Image Processing

Recent News

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Profs. Nathalia Peixoto (PI) and Vasiliki Ikonomidou (co-PI) receive $125K from NSF

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Senior Design Projects

Group Members Title Semester
Martin Cissel, Misha Vaidya, Nhien Tran Contactless Pulse Transit Time Measurement and its Potential Application in Measuring Blood Pressure Spring 2014
Rahul Chopra, Scott Oshiro, Luis Reynoso Exoskeleton Arm Support System (ExoArm) Spring 2014
Deanna Jefferson, Mariet Kurtz, Brian Silverio Automatic Signature Verification System Spring 2014
Juan Moneta, Wenjing Wang Multi-Media Control Assistance Fall 2013
Omar Rojas, Hanim Song, Rebecca Song, Daniel Stetson Robotic Arm Feeder Spring 2013
Marcial Garmendia, Yi Qu, Michelle Samra, Albert Zuzolo Electronically Controlled Mounting Arm for a Power Wheelchair Spring 2013
Sheryll Alegrado, Wesley Chin, Weiming Sun Low-Cost Telemedicine Station Spring 2012
Peter Chen, Steve Annessa, Sunny Joshi, Maitram Nguyen Autonomous Watering and Fertilization System Spring 2011
Zainab Hameda Benchekroun, Bassam Dourassi, Tarek Lahlou, Dane Larsen IMDA Systems: Digital Signature Verification Spring 2011
Sara Ataya, Aye M. Soe, Bao V. Nguyen, Long Yang FM Coverage Area Measurement Fall 2010
Alex Valdivia, Noor Al-Alami, Mariela Vidal, Dennis Bustillo Response Measuring System for Sports Training Spring 2010
Michael Kane, James White, Danny Ball, Devraj Dasgupta T1 Measurement Optimization in MRI Spring 2010