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Michelle Harris-Love

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Michelle Harris-Love is one of the few investigators of post-stroke recovery who focus specifically on mechanisms of motor recovery in patients with severe arm impairment. In furthering our understanding of this significant public health issue, She brings a unique and critical combination of clinical knowledge, academic training, and research experience. She is a licensed physical therapist with doctoral training in Rehabilitation Science with a concentration in Neuromotor Control, and post-doctoral training at NIH/NINDS in the use of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) to study human neurophysiology.

Harris-Love has nearly 20 years of experience working with severely impaired stroke patients, over half of which has been in the context of clinical research related to upper extremity motor recovery. By using a reaching task paradigm that patients with severe impairment can perform and recording from the relevant proximal muscles, she has successfully quantified motor performance and cortical physiology in this under-studied group. Throughout this process, she has engaged in teaching, mentoring, and inspiring the next generation of rehabilitation researchers to take on the difficult problems that must be solved to move the field forward.

Harris-Love's lab at National Rehabilitation Hospital (NRH) has the equipment and expertise to record and evaluate human performance and neurophysiology using TMS and stereotactic neuro-navigation, movement kinematics, muscle activation patterns, and standardized clinical assessments of motor impairment and function.She looks forward to employing these resources in transdisciplinary efforts to advance rehabilitation science and ultimately, the level of recovery that can occur following central nervous system injuries.


PhD, Rehabilitation Science, University of Maryland (2004)

MSc, Physical Therapy , Mayo School of Health Sciences (1997)

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Faculty Rank: Associate Professor