Laurence Bray

Laurence Bray
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Associate Professor, Bioengineering, College of Engineering and Computing

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Phone: 703-993-2218
Campus: Fairfax
Building: Nguyen Engineering Building
Room 3911
Mail Stop: 1G5

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Computational neuroscience is a growing field of research as our technological ability attempts to approach the complexity of the human nervous system. In order to construct real-time intelligent systems, researchers must use high-performance computing, experimental data recording, and complex brain modeling to develop robotic functions that mimic the way humans think.

The focus of Laurence Bray’s recent research, “Large-Scale Biologically Realistic Models of Brain Dynamics Applied to Real-Time Intelligent Robotic Systems”, involves getting clear understanding of physiological responses to “trust” scenarios and modeling them in artificial intelligence.

The United States Office of Naval Research is funding a grant to Bray’s lab for the purpose of exploring better decision-making capabilities of artificial intelligence. The project proposes the first biologically realistic model for trust-based in both software and hardware modeling. Bray coaches Mason seniors to push the limits of technology in a variety of design project-based courses for the biomedical engineering program.


  • PhD, Biomedical Engineering-Computational Neuroscience, University of Nevada
  • MS, Bioengineering-Medical Devices, Clemson University
  • BS, Biological Sciences, Clemson University
  • BS, Cannes, Lycee Bristol