Senior Design Projects

Spring 2016
Team Members Advisors Title
Katrina Colucci, Caitlin Johnson, Elizabeth Tarbox, Zaineb Nawaz Drs. Siddhartha Sikdar & Parag Chitnis Design of a Portable Low-Power Ultrasound System for Prosthetic Control using Time Delay Spectrometry
April Aralar, Matthew Bird, Beomseo Koo, Bobby Graham Drs. Parag Chitnis & Mahesh Shenai Ultrasound Characterization of Interface Oscillation as a Proxy for Ventriculoperitoneal Shunt Function
Adriana Pacheco-Figueroa, Brad Jones, Zeena Husayni, Zeb Zaheer Dr. Nitin Agrawal Design and Development of a Low Cost Mask Aligner for Soft Lithography-Based Microfabrication
Michael Mezher, Manmohan Singh, Alex Nixon, Rahib Zaman, Justin Fitzgerald Drs. Wilsaan Joiner & Qi Wei Development of a Portable, Low-Cost and Lightweight Sit to Stand Assistive Device
Brendan Wiggins, Thao Tran, Joel Shirey, Mahsa Layazali, Lydia Shirey Jeffrey Leaf Designing a Safer and Concussion-Resistant Football Helmet
Matthew Dunning, Hamzah Shannag, Andrei Marroquin, Huyen Le Drs. Juan Cebral & Mahesh Shenai A Tablet- Driven Paradigm for Hybrid Reality Surgery Interaction
Spring 2015
Team Members Advisors Title
Kathryn Radom, Mohamed Ali, David Remer, Laith Alhussein Drs. Wilsaan Joiner & Michelle Harris-Love A Portable, Cost-Effective Device to Quantify Spasticity in the Elbow Joint
Mohamed Lahlou, Ryan Fitzgerald, Jonathan Le, Brooke Blankenship Drs. Siddhartha Sikdar & Parag Chitnis Development of a Flexible Ultrasound Transducer
Andre Hop, Matthew Tolbert, Nawal Boufrou, Nisha Sharma Drs. Nitin Agrawal & Padmanabhan Seshaiyer Closed Loop In-Vitro Model of Vasculature
Alyson Farm, Lauren Marfurt, Rahul Pratap Dr. Juan Cebral 3D-MARK: A Virtual 3D Marker for Neurosurgery
Daniel Nguyen, Marissa Arager, Jennifer Le Drs. Vasiliki Ikonomidou & Nathalia Peixoto Assistive Technology for the Visually Impaired
Spring 2014
Team Members Advisors Title
Alaa Alhussein, Alex Baker, Katrina Nguyen, Anuraag Ravikumar Drs. Nitin Agrawal & Jennifer G. Barrett Nanofiber Manufacturing Device for Stem Cell Studies
Emily Eastlake, Katie McDonald Dr. Caitlin Laurence Lab-in-a-Box: Portable Incubator and Image Processing Program for Conducting Bacterial Growth Experiments
Martin Cissel, Misha Vaidya, Nhien Tran Dr. Vasiliki Ikonomidou Contactless Pulse Transit Time Measurement and its Potential Application in Measuring Blood Pressure
Liban Hassan, Ahsanul Haque, and Shezeen Rehmani Samantha Watkins & Anthony Nunez UNAR: User Navigated Autonomous Robot
Von Botteicher, German Borda, Susheela Meyyappan Drs. Mahesh B. Shenai & Siddhartha Sikdar Self-Guided Pedicle Screw System