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Brian J. McHugh, MD
Neurosurgeon, INOVA Fairfax Hospital
Sep 29, 2016

Rainald Löhner, PhD
GMU Director, Center for Computational Fluid Dynamics
Oct 06, 2016
Computational Modeling

Richard J. Price, PhD
UVA, Professor of Biomedical Engineering & Radiation Oncology
Oct 20, 2016
Ultrasound-mediated drug delivery


OCTOBER 5: Career Fair


Juan Cebral Receives $183K Funding from University of Pittsburgh & NIH…read more

Giorgio Ascoli Receives $5K Funding from Burroughs-Wellcome…read more

Vasiliki Ikonomidou, Andre Manitius, Monty Hayes, & Jill Nelson Receive $140 K Funding from Micron Technology…read more

Siddhartha Sikdar Receives $80K from Dept. of Veterans Affairs …read more

Siddhartha Sikdar, Vasiliki Ikonomidou, & Huzefa Rangwala Receive Funding from Provost for their 2016 Multidisciplinary Research Initiatives (MDRI)…read more

Nitin Agrawal and Robert Cressman Receive $157K Funding from NSF …read more

Vasiliki Ikonomidou Receives $48,939 from Army Research Office (ARO) …read more

Carolina Salvador Morales & Juan Cebral Receive $100,000 from Jeffress Trust …read more

Wilsaan Joiner Receives $503,225 from NSF Career …read more

Nitin Agrawal Receives $168K from Mason Equipment Trust Fund (ETF) …read more

Juan Cebral and Michael Pritz Receive $407K from NIH …read more

Parag Chitnis Receives $172,290K from Columbia University and National Science Foundation …read more


Dr. Giorgio AscoliWelcome of new Faculty – Giorgio Ascoli, University professor and Founding director for Neural Informatics, Structures & Plasticity
Dr. Avrama BlackwellWelcome of new Faculty: Avrama Blackwell, Professor and principle investigator of the CENlab

Bioengineering Convocation 2016 Congratulations to our 2016 graduates! Convocation and the Bioengineering Department reception were held on May 12, 2016. We are proud of everyone’s dedication and hard work! Visit the gallery here.

Mason’s Board of Visitors approves new M.S. in Bioengineering! read more

Nashaat Rasheed Receives 2016 Provost Summer Research Fellowship

School Celebrates Undergraduate Research – Bioengineering receives most awards

Bioengineering students fix equipment in Guatemalan hospitals

In the Laboratory of Nanotechnology – tiny Particles have far-reaching implications