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Dear students, parents, and partners;

Welcome to our Bioengineering Department, a nationally recognized leader in both education and research.

Bioengineering is a unique multidisciplinary field that applies the foundations of science and engineering to advance the understanding of biological systems and to find solutions for medical problems.

Our faculty are experts in the scientific foundations of bioengineering and use this knowledge to advance technologies in our four concentration areas—Biomedical Imaging and Devices, Computational Biomedical Engineering, Biomaterials and Nanomedicine, and Neurotechnology and Computational Neuroscience—to improve human health.

Our students pursue careers in industry, government, and academia, in positions involving basic research, technology development, and project management.

I invite you to discover our world-class faculty and network of partners in research, industry, and clinical medicine, who together provide the quality and breadth of education and research that is unique to Mason Bioengineering.


Michael Buschmann
Professor and Chair
George Mason University

Michael Buschmann, professor and chair of the Bioengineering Department

Michael Buschmann, professor and chair of the Bioengineering Department, came to Mason with over 20 years of experience at École Polytechnique in Montreal. He is a world-class researcher who has made fundamental and translational contributions to the fields of biomechanics, biomaterials, and nanomedicine.

If you want it all, Mason's Bioengineering Department is for you. We offer multidisciplinary training, research opportunities, lab experiences, and partnerships with major hospitals, biomedical companies, and research institutes. This entire package will make you competitive for top jobs.