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Student Research Opportunities

Mason's bioengineering students have the opportunity to search for life-saving answers to complex medical problems. Both our graduate and undergraduate students explore current research topics.

Our PhD students work side-by-side with top bioengineering researchers to:

  • Develop a novel approach to predict aneurysm rupture based on computing blood flow patterns.
  • Use the latest ultrasound technology to improve prosthetics for arms, hands, and legs.
  • Put together maps of neuron connections in the brain to understand brain function and neurological diseases.
  • Engineer new biomaterials and nanostructures to regenerate tissues and modulate the body’s immune responses.

Our undergraduate program culminates in a senior design project. One team of senior engineering students garnered national attention for designing a prosthetic hand that enabled a 10-year-old to play the violin. Another bioengineering team won first place for their advanced MRI project at a Biomedical Engineering Society undergraduate research competition.

All undergraduate students have the opportunity to do a senior design project, which are often sponsored by a company, government agency, or non-profit organization.

Other Research Opportunities at Mason

Aspiring Scientists Summer Internship Program (ASSIP): Students work one-on-one with faculty researchers at George Mason University and collaborating institutions. They solve hypothesis-driven questions with the latest technology.

Undergraduate Research Scholars Program (URSP): The URSP supports juniors and seniors doing research for the academic year.

"We’ve created an initial prototype of a system capable of merging two well-known imaging techniques, which ultimately holds implications for advancing research in the field of bioengineering."

— Zachary Baker, BS Bioengineering ‘18